Welcome to the Gourmet Candy Company

For the past 20 years our team have been focused on one thing - luxury confectionery! Whether it is the finest British made fudges, toffees and honeycombs or exquisite private label chocolates and sweets, our team has the knowledge to find and produce the finest confections around. With vast experience in buying, NPD, sales and logistics, you might even say we are confectionery connoisseurs! Welcome to the sweet life...

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Find our sweets around the world

Our products are available through retailers and distributors in over 20 countries worldwide, but the values of our British brand still remain true. From our gourmet retailers in the UK to the expansive food halls in Japan, we have something for every sweet tooth.

We exhibit at ISM in Germany every year. Where you can enjoy our classic products, as well as a sneak peek at some new lines - come and say hello!

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